Alcohol PSA

Sources are: NIH (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism), (Choose Help).

The stages, for a early staged drinker, are wasting time to find more drinks when you could be working or stopping your addiction, doing the wrong things to get a drink such as shoplifting and stealing, and finally you start to emotional decay.

The Mid-Staged Drinker can start to feel overly jealous and emotionally disturbed, they also start to shut themselves out from the rest of the world such as quitting their job to get a drink or not keeping in touch with their family.

Finally a Late-Staged drinker starts to have health issues if you didn’t already. You will start to experience hepatic and liver failure and liver disease with acute pancreatitis. The first thing you do when you wake up is take a drink of alcohol and before you go to bed you have a drink. You don’t have a job and your family has either given up on you or is trying their best to help you stop drinking.

-Cooper Hathaway

Personal Description In Spanish


This week our class has gone over certain spanish words that describe ourselves and others. This assignment is for us to choose 3 fictional characters that we think describe us. We need to learn this because it is important for us to say he/she is, or what is he/she like in spanish to have a conversation.

        Yo soy cómico, inteligente y creativo.
  Me gusta comer, pasar tiempos con amigos y cantar. 

FFA- Peta Post Response

I think that this is mainly a blindside, a post that was unnecessary, uncalled for, and lacking information. If we critiqued every flaw peta had then we would be even but were not, ohhhhh were far off from even. I know that these people might not treat these animals the way they should but this is the real world and if you want to eat vegetables the rest of your life then go at it but if you want to have a variety of foods, and a big selection is meats, then your gonna have to face it, that this is it and your gonna have to grow up.

Genius Hour Post

I have chosen to have a Lego Building Contest.

      This is to raise money for charity and also turn it into a fun event to where everyone can have fun building and expressing their ideas into Legos.

I like to Express my Creativity and this is the Holy Grail for Expressing Creativity.

Well this has gone off to a slow start but I have raised money for this event.